• Out of Storage

    As artists we are faced with the inevitable logistics of what to do with the work that is not sold, exhibited, or simply aging. What have we stored away, out of sight and mind, and how do we make room for the new? more »

    By sourcing discarded clothing articles from the streets of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, the faux boutique confronts us with privilege and race as integral to the displacement occurring in our communities. more »
  • Paint it Black 2014

    A one-night pop up exhibition celebrating endings. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer we welcome the fading lights. At this fleeting event we honor both our accomplishments and their impermanence. more »

    The volume is turned up on chroma, shine, and perversion as audience members are welcomed into a sticky-sweet exhibition, SUPAH SWEET by Tamra Seal and Ingrid V. Wells. Presented by Studio 110 Projects, this over-the-top show manifests in the form of painting, video, sculpture, and installation. more »
  • Summer Camp

    Summer Camp uses Susan Sontag's "Notes on Camp" as a point of departure in presenting the work of nine contemporary artists who employ camp/kitsch aesthetics. This work playfully engages with artifice, 'bad' taste, the grotesque, with double meaning and 'Being-as-Playing-a-Role' in critique of pop-culture, the academic, and normative representations of gender.' more »
  • Works of Passage

    An adventure right in our own back yard consisting of thirty minutes to create a work of art on the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito, collaboratively installing artwork at Studio 110 Projects, and exchanging works with participants. more »
  • Hang|Over 2014

    Studio 110 Projects presents a closer look at exceptional thesis projects from this years MFA graduates. Included are students from California College of the Arts, Mills College, and San Francisco Art Institute. more »
  • Object(ive) Transformatives

    A one-day sculpture collaboration where participants take found objects and transform them into re-envisioned devices. Once-obsolete detritus, these items are re-imagined as fictional tools for the betterment of our selves and our communities. more »
  • SURVEILLANCE everyday

    An exhibition by four Bay Area artists delving into the contradictions of everyday surveillance. more »
  • RED: A One Night Stand 2014

    A pop-up art experience on February 14, 2014 featuring Pamela Belknap, Jaclyn Finkle, David Janesko, Katya Kan, Mido Lee, Oliver Leach, Chrystal McConnell, John Priola, Kimberly Rowe, Sarah Tell, Marie van Elder, Lauren Visceglia, and Alison Woods. more »
  • new year reView

    A celebration of our first year at Studio 110 Projects, looking back at the 11 projects, over 40 artists, and a strong experimental art community that defined us in 2013. more »
  • Home on the Asphalt

    An experiential look at our antiquated notions of romantic traditions. Home on the Asphalt uses New York City’s historical tradition of horse-drawn carriage rides around Central Park to re-examine our attachment to these traditions as parts of our greater belief systems. more »
  • Paths of Most Resistance

    A site-specific installation by Elizabeth Cunningham. more »
  • Paint it Black

    A one-night pop-up exhibition featuring Alexander Bailliere, Danna Bialik, Rachel Bussiéres, Ann-Marie Cunningham, David Janesko, Katya Kan, Grace Kim, Oliver Leach, Chrystal McConnell, Reagan Davis Pufall, Dara Rosenwasser, Dimitra Skandali, Hayley Sutton, Lauren Visceglia, Alison Woods, Natalie Zimmerman, and Michael Wilson. more »
  • Found: White Paper

    Eight multi-media artists work to re-envision the photographs of Pamela Belknap’s White Paper series. Each artist uses their own medium to transform a chosen photograph into a collaborative piece. more »
  • Post-Studio Residencies

    Post-Studio is an experimental, mobile residency platform for site-specific artists. During the month of September, post-studio residencies teamed up with Studio 110 Projects to host the very first installation of this alternative residency in the historic city of Sausalito, CA. more »
  • H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.

    A collaborative, multi-media, site-specific experiment. Summer Lee and Christy Chan investigate the elusive concept of happiness—how we define and pursue our own forms of happiness. Two artists in silent dialogue, restricting themselves to a few cultural artifacts and a limited time duration to engage on the notion of happiness. more »
  • The Dream Vortex

    The Studio 110 exhibition of large-scale charcoal drawings is prototype 3.0 in the ongoing development of the Dream Vortex, a physical installation and also an important stage in developing the look and feel of the virtual work. The exchange between physical and virtual space, and hand-crafted and computer-assisted drawing, is part of the meaning of the work, which unites our oldest art-making technology with our newest. more »
  • Hang|Over

    A selection of ten Bay Area MFA graduates present their thesis work. Featuring Alyssa Block, Marcella Davis, Nancy Ivanhoe, Oliver Leach, Andreanne Michon, Simon Pyle, Naaman Rosen, Raelyn Ruppel, Lauren Visceglia, and Ingrid Wells. more »
  • American Birthday Party

    An activated installation by Pamela Belknap. more »
  • CUBA: Experiences from Havana

    Experiences from Havana by students from the San Francisco Art Institute, lead by Tony Labat. more »
  • RED: A One Night Stand

    A pop-up art experience on February 14, 2013. more »
  • A3: Do Not Believe What You Believe

    An installation by Pamela Belknap. more »